Activity Stations 
We are excited to have students participate in the following activities, whether or not they are registered in competition events:
    1. Chinese Games: Yo-yo’s, hacky sacks, Chinese chess, Chinese ropes, etc.
    2. Great Wall photos: Instructions will be provided.
    3. Chinese Calligraphy: Students will learn how to do calligraphy.
    4. China Map Game: Students will learn the various provinces in China.
    5. Food Booth: RSVP student count by March 30th.
    6. Chinese Jail: Instructions will be provided.
    7. Chinese Store: Various Chinese items will be available for purchase. Students will purchase goods speaking Chinese, and prices will be shown in both Yen and USD amounts.

All activity stations will be staffed by Mandarin speakers. Students should speak Chinese as much as possible when they participate.