We would like to express our gratitude to the following BYU faculty and student volunteers for dedicating their time and effort in this years’ event:
Faculty: Dana Bourgeire, Chen Wang, Debra Wells, Lin Guo, Rachel Yu Liu, Toby Roylance
Abby Smiley (Psychology major, sophomore)
Alette Walker (Chinese major, senior)
Bethany Pearson (Political Science major, senior)
Brady Turpin (Chinese major, senior)
Brendan Bundy (Pre-Business major, senior)
Caleb Lindgren (Finance major, senior)
Claire Vaillincourt (Nutritional Science major, sophomore)
Dallin Dayes (History major, junior)
Emma Apsley (Linguistics major, junior)
Harriet Parkinson (Urban & Regional Planning major, junior)
Jack Wolthuis (Political Science major, senior)
Jackson Keys (History major, senior)
Jade Smith (Medical Laboratory Science Premajor, junior)
Jane Bell (Chinese major, sophomore)
Jiaxin Haslam (Communications Premajor, freshman)
Jillian Church (Exercise Science major, junior)
Kaitlin Lyman (China Studies major, junior)
Karstina Sorenson (Chinese major, Chinese flagship student, senior)
Kiner Kwok (China Studies major, senior)
Kylee Jackman (Open-major, junior)
Maren Bayles (Pre-Business major, senior)
Mark Ensign (International Relations major, Chinese flagship student, junior)
Nathaniel Driggs (Neuroscience major, junior)
Rebecca Miess (K-12 General Music major, senior)
Sarai Brown (Chinese major, junior)
Sean Cameron (Linguistics major, senior)
Taft Green (Chinese major, senior)
Trevor Harms (Chinese major, senior)
Yi-Hsuan Lin (Second Language Teaching, master student)
Zach Fitzpatrick (Chinese major, senior)